Welcome to DxID

DxID provides Medicare Advantage plans and PACE plans with enhanced expertise in HCC Management. At DxID, we help to ensure PACE participant and Medicare Advantage member profiles are complete, resulting in the most appropriate reimbursement from CMS.

By assembling a more complete medical profile of Medicare Advantage members and PACE participants, we help plans verify medical record documentation by member and create an audit trail to ensure that all CMS documentation requirements are met. Additionally, DxID offers customized reporting by member, provider and plan, documentation to support earlier, more accurate interventions for members, as well as support for physicians in meeting their documentation requirements.

  • Retrospective and prospective member chart reviews
  • Customized Health Risk Assessment creation and management
  • Customized case and disease management reporting
  • Financial reporting and forecasting, including bid rate support
  • Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) consultation and support
  • RAPS Submission file creation, testing and delivery
  • Customized provider education